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Puppy Prices

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It has been many years since our Puppy prices have changed.The economy have gone up a lot over the years such as food, heating and air, shots, wormer, Vet bill on Rabi shots for the breeders, Breeders annual shots .We will continue to strive and raise  beautiful healthy puppies for old friends and new friends. We have met lots of nice people over the years and some feel like family and we appreciate all who have given one of our puppies a great new loving home and family.We are now charging Male Morkies, Maltese, Yorkies $700.each Female, Morkies, Maltese, Yorkies are $700.each.Maltapoo males are $600, Female Maltapoos are $600. Maltipoo/Yorkie, Females $700, Males $700. Yorkiepoo Males are $700, Yorkiepoo Females are $700.There will be a $100. deposit on all puppies. Deposits are non refundable . A deposit will only  be refundable if a puppy should have a health issue which is life threating to a puppy. When you put a deposit on a puppy please make sure this is the puppy of your choice. We DON'T transfer a deposit from one puppy to another.

Thank You &  God Bless!

Pat's Precious Puppies