Pat's Precious Puppies of South Carolina

Beautiful, healthy puppies are ready for a loving home!


Enjoy looking at some of my puppies and their cute

quick shots on camera.These puppies have all

been sold!  

I have got to be good!Santa is watching me



Where are the brakes at?

Miss Daisy is cleaning her car.

Is this a gingerbread house?

Lilly as a little loving bunny.

My favorite hide away place.

Minnie you better put your seat belt on .

You are not the only one that had a bad hair day.


You can get dirty when you ride on a dirt road with the top down




Brother, I hope your ear will stop hurting soon.



I am waiting on my treat.

How do you like my new car?



What a Race! Iwon.

What I think about the sore loosers in the race.

That Kitty Cat has been on my hood again.

I hope Dad will buy me a new car when I graduate.

Just checking to make sure my name is on Santa's list.


Wake up little Susie !



I am going to sleep so Santa will bring me a toy.

I just wanted someone to hold me .


Born, & Bred In The USA

You had better stay on your side of the road.