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Welcome to Pat's Precious Puppies. I hope you will take time to visit my website and check out the different breeds I have. Maybe you will find that precious puppy you have been wanting.

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My e mail address :

[email protected]

Phone #  Home -803-438-0758

Address:  Patricia Miles

1500 Saddle Club Rd.

Ridgeway, SC, 29130

 Notice new hours open on Saturday

Open Monday thru Friday 12:00 to 5:00 pm Saturday 10 :00 am to 2:00 pm

Closed on Sundays, Absolutely no viewing puppies, Picking up a puppy, No phone calls on puppies accepted, & no e mailes answered on Sundays!  My day off!

Holidays closed, July 4th, Memorial Day,Thanksgiving,Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years & My Special Occasions .

If you are renting a house, or an apartment you need to make sure you are allowed to have a puppy before you put a deposit on a puppy. Deposits are non refundable .

Emails will be answered Monday through Saturday daily

No stud service for the public.

No advertising in my guest book .

We hope you will enjoy looking at our website, and hope you will find the puppy you have been waiting to take home and love. All of our breeds are hypoallergenic.

We strive daily to raise healthy, loving, and good temperament puppies.

Our puppies are kept in a climate control building with their Moms in seperate kennels. The puppies and Moms are cared for daily with lots of tlc.

 Puppies are shown by appointments only. The puppy or puppies you are interested  in viewing are shown in a puppy nursery room without their Moms being present. Moms will protect their puppies and I won't risk the Moms getting upset with unfamiliar people around their puppies .Moms that get upset can step on and  hurt their puppies. You can see Moms & Dads pictures on my website. Puppies can go back several generations in size and color. A puppy can be different in size & color from their parents.

. Puppies will get their first puppy shot at 6 weeks old or when their weight is a pound. A puppy has to be 7 weeks old and eating puppy food well on it's own before it can go to a new loving home.
 Puppies are like human babies.They need to be fed on a schedule

given  time to rest and sleep.Puppies need to be kept warm Puppies aren't a play thing to give to your children. They need to be supervised around small children at all times.

No appointments or pickups will be made before 12:00 noon unless special arrangements are made by me because of cleaning kennels, & feedings.
If you call and schedule an appointment to come see a puppy and something happens and you can't make the appointment on time or make the appointment at all please have the courtsey to call and cancel. If someone has an appointment and no show or a phone call this tells me they are an unreliable and don't need a puppy!

A deposit of $100.00 is required to hold a puppy of your choice up

to 9 weeks old . After 9 weeks a charge of $10.00 per day will be added for caring for your puppy up to 7 days. If you don't notify me when your puppy is 10 weeks old your puppy will go back up for sale and no refund on your deposit!

 After you have spoken with us about getting the puppy of your choice you will have 5 business days to give a deposit in person or mail a deposit in the mail. Pending deposit and your name will be put on the puppy of your choice for 5 business days. If we haven't received a deposit within 5 business days your name will be removed from pending a deposit on the puppy.The puppy will be available for sale again. If you need several more days to send a deposit you must confirm in advance with me about the day I will receive a deposit.

A puppy has to be eating puppy food well on its before it can go to a new home.. All deposits are non refundable.If a puppy should develop a health issue after you have placed a deposit you will have your choice of another puppy same breed and gender.

I will not be responsible  for any incurred Vet expense once a puppy has been picked up by their new owner.Please read the health guarantee and make the needed Vet appointment for your puppy prior to pick up.

If your puppy happens to decease for whatever reason a report from your Vet, on cause of death, and a picture of puppy is required. Sorry it had to come to this requirement.



Deposit can be made by cashier check, money order, or a cash  deposit made in person.

No personal checks, or credit cards.

No wire transfers, Western Union, or Money Grams

Please make sure that you have fully read and understand

all that is written and explained in the health guarantee prior 

to the purchase of a puppy. Please see guarantee section at  

top of Home page tool bar, and click to view !

When in doubt about the well being of a puppy going to a new owner I have the right to refuse to sell to anyone!.

To view the puppies click on the breed at the top of home page.

I hope you will find the color and breed you want. Stop and take

time to look at my precious puppies, and their Mom & Dad.

 Puppy pictures are updated as time permits. Please don't ask for updated pictures between the time I update puppy picturesI will show date when pictures are updated.Thanks!

Our guestbook is available to read and we love to hear back from people that have purchased a puppy from us and have giving a puppy a new loving home and family. We thank those that have sent us updated information and pictures on their new baby.

When you e mail me and have questions about a puppy please put your phone number in the e mail. Thank You!


Please make sure that you register your puppy with the registration form that is provided to you with CKC in your name. If this is not done the puppy will remain in the breeder name.

When you schedule an appointment to  put a deposit  on a puppy, or if you are picking up a puppy please allow yourself enough time to arrive at your schedule time. When you are late you are interfering with my time and maybe others that may have an appointment!


Please don't mail a deposit by Certified Mail.We allow 5 business days to get a deposit by regular mail!

When purchasing a puppy and putting down a deposit you can make an appointment to visit and choose the puppy of your choice or make a choice over the phone and mail in your deposit and receive a receipt by e mail.This is your choice.