Pat's Precious Puppies of South Carolina

Beautiful, healthy puppies are ready for a loving home!


What do you get when you mix a Maltese and Yorkshire breed together? Yes that’s right, a Morkie!

Unlike a Yorkie, you never know what color a Morkie is going to be with the variety of color possibilities it could be. Some Morkies vary from black, brown, light gold, or black with white spots; you just never know what you’re going to get!

Just like the Maltese puppies, they also make great cuddle buddies with their soft, wavy fur. Morkies are calmer than the Maltese and Yorkshire puppies, but still have a sense of energy that is hard to pass up.

 Give the gift of love and a friend forever.

Sadie, Female, born, 12/4/17, Mom, Brista, Dad, Lannie, Pending deposit Marquetta Massy

LuLu, Female, born, 12/4/17, Mom, Brista, Dad, Lannie, Deposit, David Branham